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Vuyo Foto Knut Aaserud 0M8A2542

Born in Zimbabwe, raised in Norway, South Africa and Zambia, - Ole Vuyo Småge (1988) had seen large parts of the world before starting school. With a father instrumental in the fight against apartheid in South Africa and a mother fighting for the same cause in neighboring Namibia, it soon became evident that Vuyo would become a citizen of the world In 2017 Vuyo joined the creative collective North Of, and he released his debut EP "Home-cooked meals" in 2018, receiving high acclamations from Okayplayer, NOT97, Impose and various other international medias. Musically, Vuyo is inspired by everything from Soulquarians, Fela Kuti and Native Tongues to contemporary hip hop - a blend that places Vuyo's vocals and poetry in the centre of the lush, mellow vibe of the music.